The job of a construction worker remains one of the toughest and most dangerous around. Our annual Construction Safety Day event provides many opportunities to learn how to stay safe on the job!

Construction Safety Day offers multiple workshops covering a range of topics applicable to the industry. The event also features exhibitors showing the latest in safety technology and controls. Construction Safety Day is held at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup.

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Lifesaving Award Nomination Guidelines

  1. The lifesaving award is available to employees in the state of Washington who are covered by industrial insurance (State Fund or Self-Insurance or Jones Act).The lifesaving action must have been performed while on duty.  You must be able to answer yes to this question: Was the nominee(s) on duty and covered by workers compensation during the act?
  1. The award shall be for personally performing urgently required “hands-on” action(s) in a lifesaving effort. In the case of law enforcement persons, fire fighters, EMTs, healthcare professionals, or other similar type professionals or employees acting in a first responder capacity, such actions must NOT be part of their normal duties, but must be above and beyond the call of duty.
  1. Applications must be submitted on the current form and within the designated time frame. The lifesaving incident must have occurred between June 1, 2018 and May 31, 2019,to be eligible for nomination.
  1. The incident description should be brief, concise, specific to the incident, and explain exactly how a life was saved. 
  1. The incident detail is to include the outcome of the rescue. If the victim did not survive, the nomination may be considered for a humanitarian award.
  1. If possible, attach at least one corroborating / witness statement such as; newspaper or media account, police report, photographs from the scene, letter from supervisor, statement from witness, etc.
  1. If a nominee is selected, a signed release and a digital photo of the nominee is required and MUST BE RECEIVED by AUGUST 9, 2019. Releases and photos can be uploaded at https://www/
  1. The application must be submitted to the Governor’s Industrial Safety and Health Advisory Board no later than June 28, 2019.
  1. The Lifesaving Awards Committee of the Governor’s Industrial Safety and Health Advisory Board will review the applications. If the committee is unable to determine from the application who it was that actually saved the life, no award will be given and the nomination will be returned to you.