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 Workshop Title Name Event Year
New Hire Safety LeadershipManish GooneratneGISHC2023
Imagining Safety and Health through Equity, Respect and BelongingKelly HillmanGISHC2023
Civilian Response to Active Attack EventsCoulson YoungGISHC2023
What pathogen is next? Regional Preparedness for Special PathogensChrista ArguinchonaGISHC2023
Shaken, not stirred: Improving earthquake safety with earthquake drills, and earthquake early warning in WashingtonBrian TerbushGISHC2023
Industrial Exoskeletons 101: Boeing’s Approach to Integration and SustainmentKevin HansenGISHC2023
An Introduction to the Washington State Janitorial Workload CalculatorNinica HowardGISHC2023
Incident Investigation Best PracticesAlex JonelyGISHC2023
A Look at the Washington Hospital Safe Patient Handling Law, 15 years later.Ninica HowardGISHC2023
DOSH Rule Information & UpdatesTracy WestGISHC2023
 Workshop Title Name Event Year