Governor’s Industrial Safety & Health Advisory Board

Board of Directors

Ward Andrews, Wilson Construction
Dale Armstrong, The Boeing Company
Stephanie Arnold, US Oil & Refining Company
Steve Bacheller, United Steelworkers
Doug Buman, Laborers’ International Unions of North America
Joe Camacho, Papé Material Handling
Don Coovert, Korsmo Construction
Dominique Damian, WA State Farm Bureau
Ted Davis, American Society of Safety Engineers
Curt Dooley, The Everett Clinic
Dan Ferreira, Miles Sand & Gravel
Ron Friese, Weyerhaeuser
Rick Gleason, American Industrial Hygiene Association
Michelle Helmholz, Laborers Local 440
Tony Howard, American Society of Safety Engineers
Joe Kendo, Washington State Labor Council
Scott Loerts, WA Dept. of Labor & Industries
John Lopez, IAM 751 Boeing Machinists
DJ Lund, International Longshore & Warehouse Union
Bill Meyer, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 77
Kevin Proctor, Independent Employer Representative
Robert Richardson, Weyerhaeuser
Nancy Simcox, University of Washington
Robert Taaffe, Sound Transit
Dan Taylor, Trident Seafoods
James Tieken, City of Spokane
Robert Toohey, Continental Mills
Jeffrey Vaughan, Evergreen Safety Council
Russ Walpole, Teamsters, Local 252

Active Emeritus Board Members

Terry W. Alexander, Weyerhaeuser
Janice Camp, University of Washington
Rick Case, Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Foundation
Greg Davis, WA Federation of State Employees
Tim Eacrett, The Boeing Company
Corwyn Fischer, WA State Farm Bureau
Mike Forbes, Independent
Kirk Hayfield, Avista Utilities
Bob Hollingsworth, Federal Emergency Management Agency
Rene LaRocque, Mission Support Alliance
Laura Legel, Amazon
Art Locken, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 77
Jeff Lutz, WA State Farm Bureau
Sharon Ness, United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 367
Tom Odegaard, Evergreen Safety Council
Mike O’Neil, Lakeside Industries
Darren O’Neil, Teamsters, Local 252
Richard Prete, United Steelworkers
Mark Ribich, Independent
Brooke Thomsen, North Central Education Service District
Tommy Wilson, Woodworkers / International Aerospace Machinists