Congratulations to Antonio Meza and Robin Cariveau, our 2024 Construction Safety Day scholarship winners!  Antonio and Robin each received a $1,250 scholarship, funded through the Construction Safety Day’s Planning Committee.  The committee awards two scholarships annually to students pursuing construction and/or occupational safety and health.  Antonio and Robin really impressed the committee as 2024 had a strong pool of applicants.  Their dedication to safety, extracurricular accomplishments, involvement in their communities, and strong references made Antonio and Robin stand out from the rest.

Antonio Meza

Antonio Meza attends the University of Washington, where he is involved in school organizations and volunteering, among other accomplishments. He is pursuing a B.A. in Construction Management and minoring in Spanish. Antonio is already applying his knowledge of construction management to workplace safety, and being bilingual also served a critical need during his internship – effectively communicating safety protocols with Spanish-speaking workers at jobsites. Antonio came with a strong reference about how he demonstrates leadership and his commitment to the construction industry.

“Safety and health have become crucial aspects of my professional journey, especially during my summer internship, where I experienced firsthand the impact of clear communication and safety protocols. This experience uncovered a new calling for the future…..As I start my career, my ultimate goal is clear: to contribute significantly to increasing workplace safety for all workers. I envision myself at the forefront of implementing innovative safety measures, ensuring that everyone who comes to work can return safely to their homes at the end of the day.”

Antonio MeZA

Robin Cariveau

Robin is pursuing a degree in Occupational Safety and Health at Edmonds Community College, all while working full-time. She has an impressive resume of work experience and accomplishments, with strong reference letters exampling her commitment to occupational safety. Robin is dedicated to community outreach and volunteer work. One of her references described how her passion for safety extends to working with children, so they learn the importance of safety too.

“When it comes to workplace safety, my primary goal is to have everyone on the site go home safely at the end of the day. There are multiple approaches that I use to optimize and increase our overall workplace safety. To achieve a culture of care, I strive to lead by example….Safety is about ensuring every worker has a chance to provide for their families. This work is rewarding, and powerful. To be the best that I can be, I will continue to learn all that I can, and never stop looking for ways to improve.”

Robin Cariveau

The Governor’s Industrial Safety and Health Advisory Board looks forward to working with Antonio and Robin as they further their education to improve workplace safety.

During Construction Safety Day, scholarship winners are invited on stage during lunch. Here are photos of Board President, Justin Molocznik, recognizing Antonio and Robin in-person on March 27, 2024.

Hear Antonio talk about how the scholarship helps him: Construction Safety Day – Scholarship (

For those interested in applying for next year’s Construction Safety Day Scholarship, the application period will begin in January 2025.