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 Workshop Title Name Event Year
The Mental Load: navigating the past two yearsElizabeth AllenCSD2022
Give it a Spin! The Online TIRES Trucking Safety Program ToolPaul KarolczykGISHC2022
Do Your Employees Need Commercial Driver’s Licenses and Drug & Alcohol Testing? – Understanding the Federal Requirements of Professional Drivers.Jeff JamesGISHC2022
Heat Illness Prevention: Protecting workers in the workplace environmentderrick youGISHC2022
Supervising For SafetyShamus HarmonGISHC2022
Traffic crashes on the rise. Learn how it impacts you!Shelly BaldwinGISHC2022
IH 101: Exposure MonitoringShonnessy GilmoreGISHC2022
Trenching, Excavation & Piling Driving In WA State ~ What You Need To Know!!Rhett CarpenterGISHC2022
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a Safety Culture IssueLarry DelgadoGISHC2022
Effects from Chronic Chemical Exposures--And More Importantly, How to Control Them!Michael PetersonGISHC2022
 Workshop Title Name Event Year