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 Workshop Title Name Event Year
Improving the mental health of mariners and its applications to other Washington workersMarissa BakerGISHC2022
EPZ Grounding - Part 1Brady HansenGISHC2022
Aggression vs Violence: Understanding the Difference & How to Verbally De-escalate Intense InteractionsTony CloudGISHC2023
How to Notice & Navigate With Someone Who May Be StrugglingTony CloudGISHC2023
Cross-Functional Disaster Management for Non-Emergency-Oriented EmployeesChris BrunerGISHC2022
EPZ Grounding - Part 2Brady HansenGISHC2022
The Magic of Virtual Reality for Advancing Safety SkillsNancy SimcoxGISHC2022
Let's Talk Mental HealthMarc OrrGISHC2022
Respirators for SupervorsJeff RobisonGISHC2022
Fail Safe: Engineered Solutions for Highly Variable EnvironmentsBrian HughesGISHC2022
 Workshop Title Name Event Year