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 Workshop Title Name Event Year
Temporary Workers: Best Practices for Reducing Injury RiskMichael FoleyGISHC2022
OSHA RecordkeepingJohn ValentineGISHC2021
Incident Command Lessons Learned from Mass Vaccination EffortsRebecca BaronGISHC2021
Business Skills for Safety Pros: Understand the Business FirstCamille OakesGISHC2021
SHIP 101Jenifer JellisonGISHC2021
Violence Prevention in ConstructionDave WeinerGISHC2021
Silent killers in construction: substance abuse and mental healthMandi KimeGISHC2020
Making Learning "Stick"Natasha DragovichGISHC2021
Why to Err is Human and What Can We Do About it?Natasha DragovichGISHC2021
Leadership isn't a Title-Joe EsteyNatasha DragovichGISHC2021
Special Pathogen Preparedness: Looking Back and Moving ForwardChrista ArguinchonaGISHC2021
Industrial Exoskeletons 101: Considerations for Application, Integration, and SustainmentChristopher ReidGISHC2021
Working from Home Ergonomics: Yesterday, Today and TomorrowEd HaveyGISHC2021
Build a Strong Safety Culture by Investing in Injury Prevention ServicesDawn CarterGISHC2023
The Role of the Safety Professional in Emergency Planning and ResponseDana StahlGISHC2021
Creative Safety Tips from the Pros—You!Natasha DragovichGISHC2021
Creative Safety Tips from the Pros—You!Natasha DragovichGISHC2021
Heat Stress Assessment and ManagementNatasha DragovichGISHC2021
Occupational Deaths of Despair: Scope of the Problem and Strategies for PreventionNatasha DragovichGISHC2021
Safety Trivia Gameliz evansGISHC2021
A panel of Industry Leaders will discuss Leadership basics in the Agriculture IndustryPedro SerranoGISHC2021
Truck Safety Regulations - Recent ChangesJohn SallakGISHC2021
Confined Space Awareness & Challenging Tie OffsSteven KoschGISHC2021
Recent Changes in Federal Trucking Safety RegulationsNatasha DragovichGISHC2021
Compliance inspections: What to expect and most common violationsSteve YunkerGISHC2021
 Workshop Title Name Event Year