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 Workshop Title Name Event Year
"Holistic Root Cause Analysis”: Using systems thinking to discover more systemic flaws and causes, and improve outcomes.Katja JacobGISHC2021
Wildfire Smoke: Workplace Impact and ResponseJames O'DonnellGISHC2021
Temporary Workers: Best Practices for Reducing Injury RiskMichael FoleyGISHC2022
OSHA RecordkeepingJohn ValentineGISHC2021
Incident Command Lessons Learned from Mass Vaccination EffortsRebecca BaronGISHC2021
Business Skills for Safety Pros: Understand the Business FirstCamille OakesGISHC2021
SHIP 101Jenifer JellisonGISHC2021
Violence Prevention in ConstructionDave WeinerGISHC2021
Silent killers in construction: substance abuse and mental healthMandi KimeGISHC2020
Making Learning "Stick"Natasha DragovichGISHC2021
 Workshop Title Name Event Year