Did you know every year the Governor’s Industrial Safety & Health Advisory Board’s Construction Safety Day Planning Committee awards a $1,250 scholarship to assist an eligible student in furthering their education in construction safety and/or occupational safety and health?

To be considered, an applicant must meet one of three requirements:
• Currently pursuing a career in safety and intending to use scholarship for safety educational purposes i.e. OSHA 500 series courses.
• A student in good standing in the final year of high school and enrolled to a trade school, apprenticeship, community college, or university.
• Currently in their first through fourth year of college / university, with a construction or occupational safety and health focus

Don’t miss this opportunity! The Committee will be reviewing all applications after the March 1st deadline. The scholarship will be awarded at Construction Safety Day, March 25, 2020 in Puyallup.

Submit your application today