Workshop Title Name Event Year
Developing Effective Safety PresentationsTimothy CarricoGISHC2024
New Hire Safety LeadershipManish GooneratneGISHC2024
Creating Effective Safety CommitteesTimothy CarricoGISHC2024
Principles of Toxicology and their Role in Workplace SafetyJosi HerronGISHC2024
Assuming Positive Intent: The Power of CuriosityKaren FornerGISHC2024
WorkshopJulie SurGISHC2024
Industrial Hygiene Exposure Assessment Strategies - Limitations and Principles of Good PracticeMike JohnsonGISHC2024
CRASE-How to Better Respond to Stressful/Traumatic Incidents in the WorkplaceCoulson YoungGISHC2024
AI Application in SafetyAmos MoraraGISHC2024
Culture vs. CodeJason DahlinGISHC2024
Basic Improvement Cycle of Safety ProgramsAshlee ConnerGISHC2024
How DEIB Influences Safety CultureAudra MitmoenGISHC2024
Reduce Worker’s Compensation Costs through Smart Return to Work StrategiesLaura Kase NagaiGISHC2024
What Pathogen is Next? Regional Preparedness for Special PathogensBrooke HenriksenGISHC2024
Opioids and overdose response trainingSean HemmerleGISHC2024
Change Management Again? What Would the Minions Do?RaMona PintoGISHC2024
Advanced Safety for Frontline WorkersTimothy CarricoGISHC2023
Generational Differences in the Workplace: Challenges & Best Practices for EmployersKaren FornerGISHC2023
How to Plan & Present a Train the TrainerPaul HustonCSD2023
DOSH Rules UpdateRyan AllenGISHC2023
Build a Strong Safety Culture by Investing in Injury Prevention ServicesDawn CarterGISHC2023
New Washington State Regulation on Cannabis Testing 5123 and DOT Oral Fluid UpdateEsther MillerGISHC2023
Aggression vs Violence: Understanding the Difference & How to Verbally De-escalate Intense InteractionsTony CloudGISHC2023
How to Notice & Navigate With Someone Who May Be StrugglingTony CloudGISHC2023
Big Things Come in Small Packages: How Microlearning Promotes Safety MindsetPierre GeurtsCSD2023
 Workshop Title Name Event Year