Current Year Sponsor Submissions

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 Company Date Submitted Event Sponsor Type In-Kind Estimate Cash Total Payment Type
Starbucks03/24/23Construction Safety DayIn-Kind$500.00$0.00
Pape' Material Handling03/06/23Construction Safety DayCash + In-Kind$2,500.00$1,000.00Credit Card
McBride Construction Resources, Inc.01/19/23Construction Safety DayCash$100.00Credit Card
Guy F. Atkinson Construction, LLC02/15/23Construction Safety DayCash$500.00Credit Card
Ag Supply Company of Wenatchee02/08/23Agriculture Safety DayCash + In-Kind$175.00$250.00Credit Card
Bayley Construction01/30/23Construction Safety DayCash$250.00Credit Card
Papé01/26/23Agriculture Safety DayIn-Kind$1,000.00$0.00
NWLETT01/24/23Construction Safety DayCash$1,000.00Credit Card
G.S. Long Co., Inc.01/22/23Agriculture Safety DayCash + In-Kind$200.00$1,000.00Credit Card
WA Farm Bureau01/08/23Agriculture Safety DayCash$1,000.00Credit Card
JTM Construction01/03/23Construction Safety DayCash$1,000.00Credit Card
 Company Date Submitted Event Sponsor Type In-Kind Estimate Cash Total Payment Type